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Sponsorship Proposals

Attracting sponsors involves communicating to potential sponsors that the organisation has the capability to provide some useful service or opportunity for the sponsor and the relationship will be mutually beneficial. It is therefore important to be able to demonstrate a previous successful ‘track record’ where this is possible.


Potential sponsors want something in return for the money, equipment or services they provide as part of a sponsorship arrangement.


For example, sponsorship's can provide the sponsoring organisation with an opportunity to support a worthwhile project while communicating its message to its target customers or the public. However, the sport and recreation organisation must be very clear how it will facilitate this opportunity for the sponsor and why sponsorship of this organisation is the best means for the sponsor to receive the benefits it seeks.


This generally means keeping accurate records of previous activities and events so they can be used to make a persuasive case for the sport and recreation organisation.


Approaching with a professionally designed proposal is the first key to your successful path. We know what professional looks like - Let us do the visual work and design for you!

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