It is great to see you have stumbled upon my site of a design world; I hope I can help! Based in the famous, quake city (Christchurch). I am a self taught Graphic and Web designer who started in 2004 and eventually studied a Level 6 Diploma in Computer Graphic Design.
I have freelanced since my graduation, through word of mouth, which has created my strong portfolio. Becoming an Entrepreneur was the biggest goal I have set myself and I was determined to make it happen. 2014 was my year to do so and I have not looked back! I love to meet new clients and do my absolute best to create something that is beyond expectations. 
I love the outdoors and am always out exploring which helps with my creativity. I love to be kept busy; multiple hobbies and projects are what makes me thrive. Always 100 miles an hour and completely positive all the way through. That is how I view all my "work", If you can call it that, I am pretty lucky to love what I do everyday.
All the best and I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Nicole Martin