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Here are the top three reasons to advertise:

1. If you want to grow – you need to advertise.
Growth can be viewed  in several ways. Some companies want to grow their footprint of sales. Some want to add locations. Some companies only want better clients who meet a specific profile to help them grow, while some companies want to squash their competitors. Whatever the reason – if you want to grow by driving-in new customer traffic- you will need to advertise.

2. If you want to avoid contracting – you need to advertise.
Some companies shut down their advertising efforts completely – especially in a recession –  or when they think they are “busy enough”. The simple truth is that when you shut off advertising you will probably be okay for awhile, but eventually you will see sales slip due to competition or adverse economic events.

3. To Remind

Another objective of advertising is to reinforce the brand message and to reassure the existing and potential customers about the brand vision. Advertising helps the brand to maintain top of mind awareness and to avoid competitors stealing the customers. This also helps in the word of mouth marketing.


Advantages of Advertising

  • Reduces Per-Unit Cost: The wide appeal of advertisements increases the demand for the product which benefits the organisation as it capitalises on the economies of scale.

  • Helps In Brand Building: Advertisements work effectively in brand building. Brands who advertise are preferred over those which doesn’t.

  • Helps In Launching New Product: Launching a new product is easy when it is backed by an advertisement.

  • Boosts Up Existing Customers’ Confidence In The Brand:
    Advertisements boosts up existing customers’ confidence in the brand as they get a feeling of pride when they see an advertisement of the product or the brand they use.

  • Helps In Reducing Customer Turnover: Strategic advertisements for new offers and better service helps reduce customer turnover.

  • Attracts New Customers: Attractive advertisements help the brand in gaining new customers and expanding the business.

  • Educates The Customers: Advertisements inform the customers about different products existing in the market and also educates them in what they should look for in an apt product.

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