The most important part of capturing product photos is the work that happens AFTER they’re shot. Post-processing can both make up for effects you couldn’t create during the shoot and enhance the beautiful feature you did capture. It’s essentially the icing on the cake.

Even the most talented photographers apply edits to their shots. Let’s talk about what is photo editing and how you can use it to perfect your ecommerce images.

Photo-editing techniques include:

  1. Noise reduction: smoothing the picture out, typically accomplished by reducing the pixel size

  2. White balance: the color of the light in the image

  3. Contrast: higher contrast makes an image more punchy, while lower contrast makes it flatter in color

  4. Exposure: the brightness of the photo

  5. Lens correction: addresses any issues with the camera lens

  6. Color adjustments: change the color of an item or element in the photo

  7. Resizing and cropping: adjust the dimensions of the image

  8. Background removal: delete the background from the image, isolating the subject (this is often used for white background product photography)



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